We offer training to individuals, agencies, and businesses. We can train one-on-one or in groups on all of the software and hardware (including all Windows versions) that we offer.

Detailed help is given to take the pain out of maintaining your computer systems, by showing you how your oparating system works in the background along with our software.

Instruction is individualized to a person’s need level and disability:

Blind or of low vision
We focus on keystrokes for every application that you use.
Did you know that there is a key stroke preset within windows for function just like you can with a mouse, and get around faster than a mouse user?

Bodily disabilities
Quadriplegic, paraplegic, multiple sclerosis, poor hand or finger dexterity & arthritis, etc.
We focus on a combanation of key strokes and voice commands along with Scan Soft programs.

Learning disabilities
Since there are many learning disabilities this is one method that works well.
We show you how to understand the information by seeing and hearing at the same time along with our software programs with voice.

We also can take out the bells and whistles that disabled people don’t need, this makes your computer run faster, and easier to use.