Premier Literacy Suite


Make every workstation accessible to everyone

Many organizations spend hundreds of dollars for a single application to help a single person with a single disability. The Premier Literacy Suite changes all that. It is the world's only suite of literacy tools that support individuals who find reading and writing a challenge, whether they are “at risk”, learning disabled, low vision or blind.

NEW! – Now with Premier Cloud Connect integrated into your favorite tools!

The Premier Literacy Suite is the ultimate collection of literacy tools that support individuals who find reading and writing challenging. Users can read documents in standard file formats such as Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (.rtf), text file format (.txt), HTML, and PDF. Not only can these files be read, but they can also be converted to audio files for use on a CD or MP3 player while away from the computer. The Suite also contains robust tools to allow you to:

  • fill out forms and worksheets
  • enhance composition skills
  • post your writing to “cloud applications”
  • scan and read documents
  • look up a word or definition in the integrated dictionary
  • create study notes and much more.

The Suite is packed with tools and features that support learning with ease and includes Premier Cloud Connect. With Cloud Connect, you can access content stored in your Cloud-based services AND easily create new content using Premier tools to save to the Cloud. Premier Cloud Connect is making the Cloud more accessible. Learning tools are just a click away, conveniently organized on the Premier Floating Toolbar. All tools are quickly accessible, because they are grouped according to their primary purpose – reading, writing or studying.

The Premier Literacy Suite is designed for schools and organizations to provide a cost-effective means to make workstations accessible to the largest number of users.

Access your favorite tools, including: Reader, Talking Pointer, SummIT, Dynamic Reader, EN Dictionary, WriteNow, Thesaurus, Text to MP3, Web Grabber, Premier Tools, Voices, E-Reader, Universal Reader, PDF Equalizer, Talking Word Processor, Scan & Read, and more!

Major Components Included:


For Schools and Organizations

Help students read websites, worksheets, emails, Word documents and PDF files! The Premier Literacy Suite lets you read all standard file formats.

Use the tools to enhance study skills with features like highlighting, integrated dictionary, grammar checks, notes extraction and document summarization.

All of our products are designed not only with powerful features, but with simplicity in mind both for easy setup and installation combined with user-friendly functionality.

Launch Pad

Reaching for the Cloud Couldn't be Easier!

Premier's new Launch Pad integrates all of the best features of the Premier Literacy Suite into a single place to make our learning tools easier than ever to use — at school, home or work. (Click image below for larger version)

Premier Launch Pad Toolbar

Worksheet Wizard

Magic for Making Worksheets Accessible

Using Worksheet Wizard, users can hear worksheets read aloud, can edit them as necessary, draw within them, and highlight sections as needed. Now you can easily use your computer to complete ANY form or worksheet!

Premier Cloud Connect

Connecting You & Your Learning Tools to Your Favorite Cloud Service

Seamless access to content using Premier tools enables you to freely create, save and transfer information from and to Google Drive™, OneDrive™, or Dropbox™. With Premier, working in the Cloud is easy as working on your own devices.

Floating Toolbar

Your tools are just a click away
  • Arranges Premier tools according to their primary purpose
  • Change the voice and speaking rates for all the programs from one location.
  • Settings are saved in the user profile so that it follows the users' login.
  • Option of small icons or large icons.

    (Click image below for larger version)

Premier Floating Toolbar

Write Now

The Right Tool for Making Writing Better

Write Now is a new universal writing tool designed to help writers of all skill levels.  It is optimized for, but not limited to, working with online or proprietary applications.  Write Now is compatible with such word processors as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect as well as cloud applications like Google Docs.

In addition to the Literacy Suite, we have several of the components available as stand alone software. Please see our Downloads page or call for information.

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