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The Innovation WorkBench 2005 (IWB) software from Ideation is a professional tool developed to help users solve the most challenging technological problems and provide solutions for red-alert emergencies. The software incorporates powerful problem-solving features packaged in a user-friendly format and is compatible with Ideation’s Brainstorming software. IWB features a Problem Formulator that has been significantly improved as an analytical knowledge-transfer tool which helps identify and bring into sharp focus the interplay of cause and effect between useful and harmful functions in any system, business or engineering application. Besides access to over 400 Inventive Principles or “operators” (patterns of invention), the new IWB software gives users a number of critical advantages.

  • Self-explanatory diagrams for easy navigation of the software.
  • The ability to manipulate the appearance of Problem Formulator diagrams through expanded graphic options and name links to show cause-effect relationships between system or process functions.
  • Comprehensive reports can be generated in word format to facilitate collaboration between IWB and non-IWB users.
  • Track your projects instantly despite long interruptions to the process and quickly identify where to resume working.

Ideation also offers new services that allow its scientists to adapt IWB software to fit specific company culture requirements.

Training is being made available to those who purchase IWB 2005. Structured as a project-based workshop, the training gives participants hands-on experience and allows them to complete the total Ideation Process for a selected problem. In addition, an I-TRIZ specialist will provide post-workshop coaching. Individuals who successfully complete the training project will be certified as Inventive Problem Solving (IPS) Practitioners.

You can get familiar with Theoretical base for for Non-technical Inventive Problem Solving, but return to WisdomWare for personal service and support expertise.

Network versions and site licenses are available upon request.

Short-term lease options also available. Contact us at 1-888-203-4153 for more information.

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