WisdomWare uses the latest adaptive technology to assist those who have a disability become producers in the real game of life.

Because of adaptive technology education, careers and better jobs can be attained.

We service the blind, low vision paraplegics, quadriplegics, people with other motor skill limitations, arthritis, multiple sclerosis & different types of learning disabilities.

Can You Read?? Whatever your reason is for not being able to read printed material you can go to college and get a degree without being able to read, along with very hard work….


  • WisdomWare aims to help educate agencies, businesses and individuals about adaptive and assistive technology.

  • We strive to research and provide the right tool for the job.

  • We wish to make a difference for those of us that are disabled on the Internet and beyond. We desire to be a part of helping the Internet become universally accessible.

  • We hope to network with like-minded agencies & nonprofit organizations and other partners in order to help improve communication, coordination, and opportunities for persons with disabilities.