WisdomWare uses today’s best adaptive and assistive technologies to help those who are low vision or blind; paraplegic or quadriplegic; have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other motor skill limitations; are hard of hearing or speech impaired; or have a learning disability, find the assistive device or adaptive technology solution best suited to their specific needs. We help persons with disabilities gain a greater sense of independence and privacy in their work life and at home. We hope our newly redesigned responsive website will better serve your needs.

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OCR Image To Text

    We are working on a project that will enable screen readers to read any pdf file that is embedded with or inserted with graphic or pictures,   We know that screen readers will not read scanned files the file in part or in full keep in mind that screen readers are blind themselves […]

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WisdomWare is a full service company. We offer the adaptive products to assist our clients as well as the personalized training necessary to use them effectively. We provide disability solutions consultation and assistance to individuals, agencies, educational institutions, and companies, small to large.

We stand out from our competition by our follow-up and support. We are not just an online merchant. We consult with you about solutions to your specific circumstances from beginning to end, as little or as much as you’d like. Once we provide a recommendation, we will work with you to obtain, install and offer on-site or off-site support as needed for our products or software. We want to make sure the adaptive technology works for you!

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